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Reinaldo Gonzalez Jr.

Reinaldo Gonzalez Jr.

I am passionate about all things music and play a variety of instruments such as the guitar, piano, brass and percussion.  I am a Music Production graduate from Full Sail University, where I  learned how to write and produce commercial music. This was my first step towards achieving my dream of having a career in the music industry.


For the past seventeen years, I have served my country as a senior member of the armed services. I have honorably served in various leadership positions worldwide under some of the most extreme conditions imaginable.  Due to the wealth of both life and military experience I have gained over these years, I know that I am well equipped to be successful in my pursuit.


I’m hard working, flexible and enjoy being creative. I’m obsessed with providing the best audio component to every project I work on and bring an idea to life.  I look forward to sharing my unique musical vision and one day making my mark on the world.

Need original music or sound design for your film, video game or project?


I can compose music in any genre or develop realistic sound design to help you set the tone for your project.

Contact me for prices and availability.

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